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From ancient times herbs are used for stress, better sleep, for nerves...


Valerian Root (lat.Valeriana officinalis)

It has strong smell and taste. But valerian root is one of the best known and most reliable herbs as natural sleep aids.

At least 167 studies have been done for valerian root and sleep problems like insomnia. And it is shown that valerian root doesn't cause side effects like benzodiazepine drugs (Valium, Ativan and others).

It is also great remedy for anxiety [1] and ADHD in children [2].

It can be used alone or in combination with other herbs like Lemon Balm, St.John Wort and Passionflower.

Dosage for valerian root is 500 to 1200 mg of the extract form of the herb taken an hour before bedtime is sufficient.


St. John Wort (lat.Hypericum perforatum)

For anxiety, panic attacks, depression [3], night terrors, OCD [4].

St. John Wort is well known healing herb. Not just for above mentioned problems but for other problems to like PMS menopausal symptoms, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

And when is made in oil it has healing powers against STDs and STIs, bedsore, eczema, wounds, minor burns, hemorrhoids. In pregnant women is used against stretch marks and for perineal massage. Wonderful herb!

BUT be careful when using this herb it interacts with many medications. See here 

For depression, the standard dose for adults is 300 milligrams of St. John's wort (of 0.3% hypericin extract) taken three times a day.
For OCD is 450-1800 milligrams a day. For anxiety is 900 milligrams twice a day.

And for other problems dosage are - please read here.


Passionflower (lat. Passiflora incarnata) 

Passionflower is used for stress relieve, calming down without sedation, and treating insomnia in combination with other known calming herbs such as valerian root and lemon balm.

Also for panic, nervousness and restlessness.

One research found that passionflower had similar affects as an anti-anxiety medication in lowering general anxiety.[5]

-  Tea is an hour before bedtime typical dose is 0.25 to 2 gr of dried herb steeped in 150 ml of boiling water for 10-15 minutes.
- Fluid extract or SIPF dosage is 0.5-1 ml, three times a day (1:1 in 25% alcohol).
- Tincture dosage is 0.5-2 ml, three times a day (1:8 in 45% alcohol).
For generalized anxiety disorder, 45 drops of passionflower liquid extract taken daily.


Lemon Balm (lat.Melissa officinalis)

Several studies show that lemon balm in combinatiom with other known calming herbs (such as valerian root, hops, and chamomile) helps reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.[6]

It also good against depression and it has mild sedative effect.

Lemon balm and its chief component rosmarinic acid boost levels of GABA in the brain. Meaning elevated GABA levels are reducing the level of anxiety.


Ashwagandha (lat.Withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha is known to improve mood and energy levels. Ashwagandha root powder helps your body adapt to stress faster and experience natural levels of relief, providing you with a zen-state relaxation without any harsh side effects.

This powerful anxiety supplement supports immune function by eliminating dangerous pathogens in our body naturally.

Ashwagandha root also supports vital functions of your thyroid gland, including stabilizing your metabolism and blood sugar and increasing natural energy levels. In addition to the thyroid gland, Ashwagandha works to boost adrenal function and normalize your hormones. [7] 


Please be AWARE! that herbs can interact with drugs OTC and prescription. So check first if herbs that you plan to use if they do interact with your drugs, OTC or prescription.


Herbal blend tea


You can use equal parts of this herbs (for example 30 gr (1.05 oz) of each dried herb);

  • Lavander (lat. Lavandula angustifolia)
  • St. John Wort ( lat. Hypericum perforatum
  • Lemon Balm (lat. Melissa officinalis)
  • Passion flower (lat. Passiflora incarnata)
  • German chamomile (lat.Matricaria chamomilla, recutita)
  • Hops (lat.Humulus lupulus)


Blend them togheter and prepare tea. One tablespoon of herbal blend pour over with 2 dcl of boiling water and let it sit for 30 minutes covered. Drink before you go to sleep or for relaxation, stress relieve, etc..





CDs with anti stress sounds, relaxation, for better sleep

White noise and sound machines for better, deeper and undisturbed sleep

White noise (we use radio sound) and essential oils are my favorite things to soothe my kids and me to sleep.



Essential oils and diffusers

Yes essential oils can have very relaxing effect when used in combination or singels. For anxiety, better sleep, stess relieve .
I personal use essential oils to calm my children before sleep.
With diffuser and essential oils you can't miss.



It is natural hormone made by our body in the brain’s pineal gland.

And melatonin helps control sleep cycles. Sleep and mood are closely connected. [9] Meaning melatonin can relieve stress.

One study shows that melatonin can help in stimulate healthy sleep patterns. [10]

Dosage is0.3 - 6 mg. Small dose to aid in falling asleep may work better than a larger one.
Also small dose it will reduce or eliminate any undesirable side effects.
To insure sleeping through the whole night, try taking a time-released dose of 0.3 to 5 mg.



Lactium is made from the casein protein in milk. And it has been shown to reduce stress-related symptoms, anxiety, emotional and social problems, and digestive problems.

Lactium act on GABA receptors. Lactium  improves sleep, reduces stress and cortisol levels while inducing relaxation and improving mental function. It is effective alternative to medication for anxiety and insomnia.

Lactic is often combined in compounds with the L-Theanine and Magnesium.

Dosage is 150-450 mg at bedtime. [11 , 11* , 11** ]




L-Theanine it is an amino acid found in tea.

It has calming effect and reduces physiological responses to stress. And also it raises levels of GABA, the calming neurotransmitter.

Dosage of L-Theanine is 50 to 200 mg. [12]




Magnesium is a mineral essential for nerve and muscle function. And it has role in over 350 fuction in our body. Magnesium is known to promote relaxation. A deficiency can cause stres. Also research indicates magnesium seems to play a major role in the hormonal axis and regulation of the stress response.[13] Magnesium glycinate pure powder is the best absorable in body, 400 mg a day.


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