My name is Leila Culic and I live in Croatia (European Union). I am 35 years old and counting. I am stay at home mom and I have two kids (for now) and my husband.

I always liked doing things the alternative way anything from shopping, cleaning the house, cooking, rasinig the children, healing (alternative medicine is my hobby for long time), living, health and excercise, being married, learning.....etc.  Since I was a kid I always have doing things my way and because of that I was more then often pointed as misfit. Even today I don't like things like "...the book says..." ! Yes you can put lot of things on paper but the real life is something else. Thru my life I have learn lots of things, majority of them was on my own skin. And I can tell you it was not the  pleasent thing but that is life. You live and  learn your whole life.

This blog I have start to write becasuse I want to shear my knowledge with you dear reader. I hope you are going to enjoy reading it.


If you want or need to contact me feel free to email at  gothealternativeway@gmail .


Founder of gothealternativeway.com

Leila Culic