Manduca baby carrier my personal review

Lets talk about Manduca baby carrier   My personal review I have bought my first Manduca baby carrier in April 2011 it was Manduca Standard Edition Petrol. Yes that was a long time a go. I was a younger to ;). And the seconde one I have bought in May 2015 and it was Manduca […]

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Home Remedies For Colic Baby
Home remedies for colic baby

How did we handle our colic babies? With two babies behind my back and both of them had colics. Yes, I was blessed with screaming, uncontrolled crying, with hopless feeling, try this drops try that drops, don’t eat this food don’t eat that food because I was breastfeeding them, carry them like this or like […]

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Few ways of how to fatten up your baby or toddler

How did I fatten up my kids?!  Both of my kids had problem with weight. They were both underweithg at some point in their lives few times. I remember when my son was born, he is the oldest one, and we had our first appointment with his pediatrician when he was one month old. God […]

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